WestCity Brand Refresh

With the iconic bush-clad slopes and rugged black sand beaches to play in, the way of life out west is like no other in Auckland. While long term residents have always known they’re onto a good thing, the region is witnessing significant gentrification as more and more Aucklanders move into the area for a better lifestyle.

What they’ve been lacking however is a shopping centre that they can call their own. One that has a sense of place and connection to the people and lifestyle of West Auckland, not a multinational template. So when the Westfield Mall in Henderson was sold, the perfect opportunity presented itself to achieve this, and we were tasked with developing an appropriate brand by the new owners.

Initially we wrote a comprehensive brand strategy after a series of focus groups with locals. What became clear was how strongly they connected to the landscapes, especially the moody layers and rich textures, with these insights driving our brand development.

Armed with a new brand tool box, including images from a photoshoot capturing the unique people and places in the area, we rolled out the final identity through the entire centre. From signage, way finding and in-centre communications through to leasing assets and consumer advertising. Helping to create a centre that now feels of-the-west, a place shoppers are proud to call theirs.


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