NZBS Rewards & Recognition

Our brief from the New Zealand Blood Service (NZBS) was to create a brand and campaign for their new rewards and recognition program. Its objective? To strengthen the engagement of staff with each other and with the organisation.

We worked alongside the NZBS marketing and HR teams to bring the program to life. Initially developing its name, followed by the supporting proposition then the identity itself.

The brand name we decided upon was Vital as it was appropriate on so many levels. The people of the NZBS are vital to its performance. They’re the vital cogs to its success. The NZBS itself is vital to the country, saving lives every day. While the wellbeing component of the initiative aligns nicely to the medical notion of ‘vital signs’.

Having such a strong parent brand, the Vital identity needed to complement it, so we chose to base it around the main icon and colours of the NZBS logo. The blood drop forming the negative space within the looping icon of the Vital logo, creating a flow symbolising the parts of the organisation coming together to achieve excellence.

With everything in place, we then implemented a launch campaign to staff throughout all of the NZBS donor centres and sites around the country.



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