New Zealand Home Loans

What we did

  • Website Design
  • Website Development

Switching to New Zealand Home Loans can literally save homeowners hundreds of thousands in interest costs and shave years off their mortgage. With results like that, NZHL has grown rapidly and almost exclusively through word of mouth, opening 70+ offices around NZ.

However to achieve their mission of providing more Kiwis with financial freedom, faster, the net had to be cast wider to reach a new audience who'd be coming with questions like who is NZHL? How can they possibly help me save so much? What's the catch?

NZHL asked us to create a new website that would help overcome these barriers and drive growth for the business.

We focused on making it clear who NZHL is and how they achieve such stellar results for their customers, then validated those claims with real stories. An interactive calculator was developed to show prospective customers how much they could save by making the switch, along with multiple lead generation channels to convert that interest into acquisition. All wrapped up in a fresh, approachable design style as an intentional counter-point to the big Ozzie-owned banks.

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