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Bigpipe Brand Activation

Our brief? Concept and deliver a brand activation at Armageddon to grow awareness and customer engagement for this rapidly expanding ISP provided by Spark.

Bigpipe provides internet users with the choice to do what they do online, better. Letting customers control and customise their connection via a range of market-leading innovations. It’s internet the way it should be and a massive differentiator of the Bigpipe broadband product.

Our idea focused on this unique proposition, literally bringing it to life in a huge pick-a-path installation. 220 square metres. 8 unique rooms. 4 days and 66,000 expo visitors.

This wasn’t about show and tell. It was about fostering discovery through interaction. Allowing people to customise their real-life internet experience based on the choices they made through the installation. Blue door or red? Gaming, streaming or downloading? But what if I choose the yellow door?

The activation was referred to as the best experience at Armageddon and thousands of social conversations were generated. Firmly positioning Bigpipe as the go-to-provider of a better, customised internet experience. With post event research showing an immediate lift in brand awareness of 2%.

Check out all the action in this short video.

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