What we did

  • Brand Strategy & Story
  • Brand Design
  • Packaging Design

With plans to expand into Australia, North America and Europe, we were asked to rebrand well-known homewares company Mulberi due to IP infringements in these new markets.

Our creative process started with the new name, which takes inspiration from a small yellow bird (the Baya Weaver) known for its incredible nest weaving skills. The name expresses Baya’s appreciation for natural fibres, the artisan and handcrafted, as well as a connection to homemaking and impeccable design.

With a design-savvy target audience of interior designers and stylish home-owners, the brand needed to be considered and command a mid-high position in the market. We strove to create a premium brand anchored around craft and Baya's purposeful, design-driven philosophy.

The identity is simple and elegant, featuring a woven ‘B’ which is used flexibly as a brand device - appearing on a variety of applications such as product labels, digital platforms and catalogues. A focus was also put on using quality materials, print embellishments and storytelling to create a tactile and thoughtful brand experience.