Atlantis Dive

What we did

  • Brand Strategy & Story
  • Brand Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Collateral Design

Atlantis is a New Zealand dive company that has been highly regarded for over a decade by professional divers and weekend warriors alike. When new owners took over the business they identified the opportunity to scale the company outside of New Zealand, but an entire overhaul of the brand was required to help achieve their vision.

Our scope included developing the new brand story and customer proposition, along with the development of an entirely new brand identity system to appropriately position Atlantis in the market. With three sub-brands, a lot of work was done to differentiate the products within these to accurately convey their entry, mid and premium price-points.

We then rolled the new brand out across the business and every single piece of equipment, including guiding and influencing the product design itself. This included the development of custom prints made from bathymetric maps of the Atlantis team's favourite dive spots around New Zealand.

As a brand, Atlantis has as much passion for its products as it does for the underwater world - an environment its customers live, breathe and sleep. Atlantis is designed for your world.